Dry Stack

Dry Stack

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The colors of nature Heritage Stone’s Dry Stack Collection provides you with seven different styles from which to choose, making it possible to customize your home with a look that's yours alone. Hues for every style Our dry stack features a range of colors. From rich grays and charcoals to golden browns and misty corals, there is sure to be a color that matches your style. The natural look All of Heritage Stone’s molds are hand crafted from actual stone. They are then fitted together to create a non-repeating pattern. Unlike other brands on the market today, our Heritage Stone collections do not repeat a stone shape or exact color within a 1,000 stones! Deep shadows, rich texture Heritage Stone molds feature deep undercuts to capture the depth and detail of natural stone. We also replace our molds regularly, ensuring that the fine detail and texture of natural stone is not lost after repeated mold use.

50 Year Limited Warranty

Heritage Stone will guarantee its stone veneer for 50 years against faulty manufacturing process or defective materials as follows: When job installation has been accomplished in compliance with the applicable specifications and requirements and the stone subjected only to normal exposure and use. Heritage Stone guarantees its products against cracking, chipping, flaking, unsightly discoloration, or any other serious deterioration. Authentic beauty Our stones are meticulously crafted from richly textured natural surfaces and are artistically infused with colors so rich you'll have to turn them over to see that it's manufactured stone. Available in many natural colors and tones, we make it easy to mix and match color and style for a look that's perfect for you.

10 square feet per box Weight: Approx. 90 pounds per box Packaged: 24 boxes per pallet Weight: Approx. 22 I0 pounds per pallet Coverage based on actual stone coverage (10 sq. It. based on tight fitted joint) Coverage based on actual stone coverage (1 I sq. It. based on '/1" joint) Dimensions: Width 5" - 21 1/2" Height 1" - 5 1/2" Thickness 1" -2" Minimum purchase: Box quantity Color options: Catawba Erie Huron Ottawa Salt Fork Seneca Shawnee Dry Stack - 90° comers Packaged: 6 linear feet per box Weight: Approx. 70 pounds per box Packaged: 24 boxes per pallet Weight: Approx. I730 pounds per pallet Coverage based on tight fitted joints. Minimum purchase: Box quantity