Timbermill Log Siding -   Simulated Cedar Siding Gives You the Authentic Look of Cedar

Timbermill Log Siding - Simulated Cedar Siding Gives You the Authentic Look of Cedar

New Timbermill Simulated Cedar Siding offers everything you love about natural cedar… Except the sanding, staining, splintering, warping, weathering, and worry. It’s the high-performance, low –maintenance, affordable alternative to wood. Perfect when used a s a primary siding, or as an accent to stone, brick or other cladding. Timbermill is available in four profiles, to replicate four popular cedar siding patterns and two stunning, no fade colors. Recreate your favorite natural cedar look and never have to undertake the maintenance that actual wood siding demands.

  • Knots and grain patters give a realistic wood appearance
  • Panels available in a variety of patters to achieve an authentically random look
  • Blends well with traditional siding materials when used as an accent

Two of our profiles recreate the look of a classic bevel or bungalow pattern, with either a four-inch or seven-inch exposed face. The four-inch profile is more traditional and the seven-inch profile provides an excellent look. Either way, you can create the rustic cedar look you desire. Our seven-inch boards come with a high-performance foam backing that gives them a solid wood feel and more sound insulating power, for an overall impression that’s hard to distinguish from natural cedar Timbermill’s half-round profile perfectly recreates the timeless look of a log cabin. There is no simpler, easier way to achieve the rustic appeal of cedar logs without the maintenance of natural cedar. With the strength of solid foam backing, your friends will think it is real cedar, even to the touch. The soffit profile can be used to simulate a vertical channel rustic pattern that has been used on homes and cabins for200 years. Its five inch exposed face makes it a flexible solution for achieving this timeless look. Timbermill provides many options to capture the authentic look of cedar along with the luxury of a low maintenance exterior.